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How To Win At Blackjack

Here are some quick tips on how to win at blackjack:

  1. Learn perfect basic strategy. Because blackjack has an element of player choice, players can reduce casino advantage by playing optimally. The complete set of optimal plays is known as basic blackjack strategy. There are slight variations depending on the house rules and number of decks. You can follow the detailed blackjack strategy advice here.
  2. Understand what cards benefit the player, and what cards benefit the house. Small numbered cards (sixes and below), benefit the house. The dealer is more likely to make pat hands out of stiffs, and natural blackjacks will be less frequent for the player (remember, that is the players advantage).
  3. Understand that large cards benefit the player. The dealer is more likely to bust his stiffs (he doesn’t get a choice when to hit), and naturals are more likely (advantage, player).
  4. Understand how to exploit it. If the player could only bet when there were more high cards then low cards, the player would ultimately win. Since this isn’t possible, the player bet as much as possible when there are more large cards, and as little as possible when there are more low cards. This is the essential key to beating Blackjack.
  5. Learn the Hi-Lo method of counting cards. Simply put, each card 2 through 6 is assigned a point value of +1 and every card 10 through ace is assigned a value of -1, all card in-between are neutral. When your count is high and positive, your chances of winning are increased because it means that the ratio of high cards to low cards is favorable to the player. Since the object of the game is to beat the dealer's hand, this task becomes easier when the count is high because it means the dealer has a higher chance of busting because he or she must either hit until they reach 17 or until they bust.
  6. Apply a suitable money management system – for example the Paroli system … and set appropriate profit and loss limits for when to quit.
  7. Trust your gut instincts – rely on these instincts for example when deciding whether to take another card.

Answering the question of how to win at blackjack is not an easy one, but ultimately it comes down to your understanding of basic blackjack strategy. Basic blackjack strategy is the key to good winnings and minimal losses when you play blackjack.

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